Knitters Unite

Friday was our opening event for Knitters for Critters. We raised $350, which is a great start.

May I say that we have a fabulous knit night group at Marin Fiber Arts? Let us begin with Warren Agee, the owner.

How cool is Warren to have donated his space at the Parade of Lights event along 4th Street in San Rafael for our event. Yay, Warren.

Judy was AMAZING!

Along with Allison!

Sandy provided essential logistics and a winsome spirit!

Emily brought great snacks, flyers for folks to know more about the oil spill, and knitted more of her very cute Christmas stockings.

And many thanks to David Reidy of Sticks and String podcast fame for his support by mentioning this project!

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Hi Renee — glad to have met you and some of your cohorts the other night. Congratulations on getting off to such a great start with the fund-raising!

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